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Canvas Prints - The Affordable Art Form

Canvas prints, also known as stretched canvas prints, are made by reproducing an image on stretched canvas, usually using a special inkjet printer. Canvas prints are typically used as a final printing output in an artwork piece, or for the reproduction of other types of artwork. These large-scale reproductions of images are created by using digital printers that require a high resolution print to achieve the image that you want. The image on the canvas will be printed with the same quality and amount of detail, as if the image was printed directly from your computer monitor.

canvas prints

Bishop Canvas Printing in Dallas Texas only use 100% cotton canvas. Each canvas is sealed with an Ultra-Violet laminating film. Bishop Canvas Printing provides fast and easy canvas prints. We print your digital pictures onto canvas.

The process of printing on stretched canvas prints can be done with either a digital or inkjet printer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. With digital printing, there is no need for heat-tuning the print area. You don't have to worry about the glare of a fluorescent light illuminating the print. You don't even have to worry about paper jams or tears. However, print heads can experience issues with ink flow and poor printer maintenance, so there are many choices when considering canvas prints.

Inkjet printers work well with canvas prints, but are limited in size. You may be limited to canvas sizes that are consistent with the inkjet printer's ink-supply. There is also a tendency for the image to appear fuzzy or out of focus because the ink can't get to areas around the edges of the canvas.

A good choice for printing a large picture would be canvas prints on canvas. You do not have to worry about the glare. Your original image is printed directly on the canvas without any of the problems that you would experience with printing on inkjet paper. You also have more control over the overall appearance of the finished work. If you are going to mount the canvas print onto a board or other framing device, it will be more visible, adding dimension and depth to your artwork.

Framed canvas prints allow you to show off your artwork to your friends and family. Mounted prints are mounted onto gallery wrapped canvas and can be displayed on any frame on your walls. The printed image is protected from damage by the protective coating on the frame. Some framed prints come with a backing that has a matte finish and a UV protection layer.

Frame mounting is usually accomplished by using stretcher bars that are commonly included in framing kits. Canvas stretchers are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and are made of heavy duty canvas. A stretcher bar is simply long metal wire that is bent to fit a particular frame. The top edge of the stretcher is covered with a protective coating so that your printed image won't be bleached by UV sunlight. Canvas stretchers come in several standard thicknesses.

Frame mounted canvas prints aren't just for hanging on the wall. If you have a picture you want to display but don't want to purchase a full size poster, consider a folding canvas print. This option allows you to display your art in a smaller, more convenient sized frame. Framed canvas prints can also be used as decorative displays in a hallway or foyer.

You can purchase prints at your local gallery, online or from canvas print companies that ship internationally. If you have an image you would like to display but can't find a suitable frame, consider a transfer print. This type of print can be used on any flat surface including wood and glass. Many companies offer transfer services that allow you to create a beautiful looking original that can be used on a wall, tabletop or mantel. These original canvas prints will make a great addition to any home.

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